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Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin (MATH)

The first Presidential election token.

The glue that holds the Yang Gang together!

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What is MATH Token

Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin (MATH) is the first Presidential election token. It serves to recognize supporters of Andrew Yang and his ideas like Democracy Dollars, the Freedom Dividend and Human-Centered Capitalism. A digital souvenir, an election crypto-pin.

Not affiliated with Andrew Yang or Yang 2020.

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Why was this token made?
  • Encourage public discourse on the ideas of Andrew Yang, in particular universal basic income.

  • Introduce more people to smart contracts leveraging interest in Presidential elections.

  • And like everything Yang Gang, have some fun doing it.


Get Your Thousand

Follow the steps below to receive 1,000 MATH per month until Election Day

Obtain Proof of Yang

Generate Proof of Yang by donating to Yang 2020 or other organizations that support Andrew Yang or the policies presented through his Presidential campaign.

Send Us Proof of Yang

Send evidence of your Proof of Yang (e.g., donation receipt, expense receipt) to us by completing this form.

Tweet It for Bonus

To get the Twitter Bonus, tweet evidence of Proof of Yang  and your wallet address to @yangdividend; use hashtag #ProofOfYang.

If you don't have Proof of Yang, you can get MATH through the latest airdrop here. Airdrop tokens are limited and first come, first serve.

Frequently Asked Questions



Donate to Yang Dividend

You can donate BTC or any ETH token to Yang Dividend. To do so, please contact us.


Please note that donations to Yang Dividend are not eligible Proof of Yang and you will receive no MATH tokens for donations directly to the Project. We do this to ensure we are not perceived as "selling" tokens... the only way you can get tokens is by following the process outlined in the white paper!

You can always get MATH tokens by incurring any other expenditure supporting Yang and his ideas.

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